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Who We Are

Viewfindr is determined to shine a light on the overwhelming amount of emerging Black talent in the photo, film, and production world. We are devoted to the uplift of independent Black creatives and streamlining how you connect with and find them.

We also realize that it can be fairly difficult for clients to find Black creatives to hire for your projects, due to big businesses dominating search engines. We are determined to simplify the arduous search process for dope Black photographers, cinematographers, and independent production companies, so you can focus on making your vision come to life!


We are here to make sure the world knows exactly where to find Black creators to book for their creative visual projects. We streamline how creatives of color and clients connect with each other to share the same vision. We strive to always connect you with the best of the best to create the best.


We are an inclusive blend of optimism, collaboration, random-ness, innovation, and passion. Integrity and authenticity of a creative vision is what will always move the needle. 


Viewfindr believes that a genuine connection between clients and creatives is at the core of every great project.  When the both are able to connect and focus on the same vision, awe-inspiring work is produced that leaves a lasting impression the viewer.


We see Viewfindr as the primary search platform for connecting Black creatives across the globe to everyday people looking to execute remarkable visual pieces. Viewfindr helps creatives behind the lens and clients connect to see the same vision.


Alicia S. had one vision in mind when starting Viewfindr: to connect Black creatives behind the lens, amplify their talents for the world to see. 

Viewfindr was started by an independent Black photographer who realized first-hand the need for support and connectivity within the visual arts community. Alicia is dedicated to providing exactly that for Black creators everywhere.

Support Viewfindr.

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